Vladimir Bulatov, Conformal models of hyperbolic geometry.

The chance shirt machine (auf Deutsch).

The personal analytics of [Stephen Wolfram's] life.

Wooden stick models of Archimedean solids.

Laura McLay, The conditional probability of being struck by lightning, parts one and two.

Jordan Ellenberg’s review of William Cook’s In pursuit of the traveling salesman: mathematics at the limits of computation.

Modern nomograms for sale, via Dead Reckonings: Lost Art in the Mathematical Sciences.

The Poisson process of e-mail.

Foursquare asks: What neighborhood is the ‘East Village’ of San Francisco?, based on what type of establishments people check into in various neighborhoods.

Isarithmic maps of public opinion data.

Duels, truels, and game theory gunslinger rules, by David Barash, author of The Survival Game: How Game Theory Explains the Biology of Cooperation and Competition (which I have not read).

Brad Efron’s notes on large-scale simultaneous inference.

Galperin’s billiard method of computing pi, from Calculus VII.

Spiked Math IQ Test. I got a zero. Perhaps knowing this will help you get better than zero.