Pink is a real color

They did it to Pluto, but not to pink! Please not pink!

Robert Krulwich points out that there is no pink in the rainbow, linking to a youtube video:

Saying that pink isn’t a color is a little silly, though. The space of colors that humans perceive is three-dimensional. Start with an actual light source, which has a continuous spectrum; human vision roughly projects from the space of possible spectra to a three-dimensional space, each dimension corresponding to one of the three types of cones. The “pure” colors (single wavelengths) correspond to a two-dimensional manifold in that space — one dimension for hue, one for brightness. Just because you wouldn’t call anything in that two-dimensional space “pink”, that means pink isn’t a real color?

There must be some aliens, somewhere out there in space, that have yellow-sensitive cones as well and are offended that we don’t think yeen and grellow are real colors.

(hat tip: LA)

2 thoughts on “Pink is a real color

  1. […] Ze zeggen in het filmpje niet dat roze niet bestaat (al staat dit wel in de beschrijving onder het filmpje), enkel dat het geen spectrale kleur is. Er zijn nog een heleboel andere “extraspectrale kleuren” zoals bruin en mauve. Toch maken sommige bloggers zich al een beetje zorgen dat roze niet echt bestaat en vinden anderen het nodig om te argumenteren dat roze wél een echte kleur is. […]

  2. Im not sure what this &q;ytuPeabodo" thing is, but they should have recognized you a long time ago as "outstanding achievements in electronic media, including radio, television and cable".Only explanation i can find is that they just decided to take a jump to the internet. That must be it (:

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