School shouldn’t be an arms race

Stephen Bainbridge, law professor at UCLA, asks an interesting question: should students profit off my classes? (by selling their notes). He writes about his strategy: “I’m going to buy some of these note sets and outlines being sold for my classes. I’ll go through them and find all the mistakes. And then I’ll write exam questions testing on those very same mistakes.”

I can see the appeal of this, from a purely mercenary point of view, but I tend to not worry so much about such things. If the students want to shoot themselves in the foot, let them. I’d rather spend my time helping the students who want to learn than trying to trip up the students who are just looking at school as a hoop to be jumped through.

(And yes, I realize that some people can’t take notes for reasons of disability. This isn’t about them.)

via Hacker News.

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