Happy Pi Day!

March 14 is Pi Day, in recognition of the fact that the first three digits of the decimal approximation of π are 3.14.

My alma mater, MIT, will make admissions decisions available at 6:28 pm (US Eastern time). Click the link, there are funny pictures.

They used to do it at 1:59 pm (so the date and time formed 3/14 1:59) but the move to 6:28 means that they can satisfy the tauists.

3 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day!

  1. Well maybe they should send out results on June 28th.

    Hey do you recall a problem in the American Mathematical Monthly which was “What is the minimum number of one ohm resistors needed to give a circuit with a resistance of pi ohms accurate to 1 part in 10^6?

    It sort of came up on physics stack exchange. What I recall was that when they gave the answers to the puzzle there was a huge number of proofs that it could not be less than N with almost no two proofs agreeing on N.

    I’m thinking it must have been published when I subscribed, say something like 1976-1982.

  2. June 28th would be a bit impractical, though, given the constraints of the admissions cycle. March 14 is a bit earlier than a lot of the institutions which MIT competes with, though; my theory is that they want to be first to get decisions out, so that people who will get admitted to multiple schools have a few days to get used to the idea of going to MIT before a letter comes from another school.

    I don’t recall that problem, being too young to have seen it when it was originally published.

  3. Of course I was joking about June 28th.

    I got around to trying the AMM search engine (instead of google) and quickly found the problem. Here’s the solution, which I think is entertaining mostly because of the large number of bad proofs submitted to the journal: http://www.jstor.org/stable/2319671

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