Coursera is offering free online classes from Princeton, Stanford, Michigan, and Penn, in a variety of field.

Andrew Ng is offering a course in Machine Learning, which appears to be the same class as the free Machine Learning class that was offered over the winter. I’m not sure exactly how this compares to the Stanford CS229 class but it looks interesting. It starts today and runs 10 weeks.

The pilot classes were Machine Learning, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Introduction to Databases (that link goes to a Stanford press release from August 2011), but Coursera is now offering classes fairly widely spread across the curriculum.

Jordan Ellenberg has written a couple interesting blog posts on the future of higher education: What, if anything, is the future of the university? and Several attacks on the previous post; see also this Crooked Timber comment thread. Cathy O’Neill suggests that online learning promotes passivity.

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