Courses using Alpaydin’s machine learning textbook

I’m taking the machine learning course being taught by Andrew Ng at Coursera. At times it’s a bit light on the theory for my tastes, which is understandable, so I’ve been looking to other sources. One that I’d come across previously that I ended up buying is Ethem Alpaydin’s Introduction to Machine Learning.

But Alpaydin’s book has its own problem: a relatively small number of exercises, and no data. So it seems useful to find more exercises and people who have written data-based exercises to go with the book. The obvious place to do this is to find courses that have been taught using this book, so I decided to compile a list of such courses. I make no claim that this list is anywhere near a complete list; it was compiled by half an hour of Googling. But if I was going to make such a list, it seemed good to make it available.

Incidentally, I think in general it would be good to have lists of web pages of “courses taught using book X” available, both for learners (who might want to see supplementary resources, get a sense of which sections of a book are more or less important, and so on ) and for teachers (to see how others have organized their courses).

Here’s the list:

Incidentally, a lot of courses in this area seem to recommend more than one text, because it’s a rapdily growing area. Others that seemed to be mentioned a lot in the same breath as Alpaydin are Bishop, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning and Mitchell, Machine learning.

(Thanks to Brent Yorgey for a correction.)

5 thoughts on “Courses using Alpaydin’s machine learning textbook

  1. Yes, I agree that it’s great to see which other courses are using a text. Conversely, I hate it when courses go behind learning-management system walled gardens. It’s not very helpful to other people around the world.

    1. This is a big part of the reason why I’ve put as much as I can of my courses on publicly-accessible web pages. Essentially all I use the walled gardens for is to post student grades and to post solutions to homework assignments. (The latter is because many of my homework problems have been from textbooks.) I always found it useful to see what other people were doing and I want to pay that forward.

  2. Nobody seems to share solution manual on internet(Introduction to machine learning 2nd edition by ethem alpaydin). Need them bad!!!

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