Weekly links for July 22

Happy Pi approximation day, a holiday for people who are GOOD ENOUGH, just not transcendental.

What do top Kaggle competitors focus on?

Staying dry in rain: run or walk? (That goes to the BBC; here’s the original paper, which is actually free despite being behind what looks like a paywall.

Jean-Baptiste Michel’s TED talk, The mathematics of history.

An excerpt from Steven Strogatz’ The Joy of x: A Guided Tour of Math, from One to Infinity

David MacKay has an excellent book Information Theory, Inference and Learning Algorithms (also available as a free download from the author); he teaches a course based on the book which has online video lectures.

Brian Whitman asks How well does music predict your politics?

The data genetics blog on the egg breaking puzzle. via hacker news.

From the Chronicle of Higher Education, Using big data to redesign education by steering students towards courses where they’ll do well.

I’m looking for a job, in the SF Bay Area. See my linkedin profile.

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