Weekly links for July 30

Nate Silver asks which Olympic records get shattered.

mages forecasts the winning time in the men’s 100m in the Olympics (9.68 sec).

Dan Graetinnger predicts the Olympic medal counts.

Andrew Hacker’s opinion piece Is Algebra Necessary? has been making the rounds. No comment.

Why isn’t iTunes shuffle random?, from AskDifferent (the StackExchange site for Apple products).

A four-time lottery winner is a Stanford statistics PhD.

A couple series of posts from John Baez: Symmetry and the four dimension one, two, three, four. The Mathematics of Biodiversity eight-part series.

Boolean buddhas.

I’m looking for a job, in the SF Bay Area. See my linkedin profile.

2 thoughts on “Weekly links for July 30

  1. Hello Michael, I always enjoy your weekly roundup of links! I noticed that this time, some of them seem to be broken, though I’m not sure why.

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