Weekly links for August 12

The Chaos Within Sudoku, by Maria Ercsey-Ravasz and Zoltan Toroczkai; from the Technology Review blog; this paper gives a means of algorithmically rating Sudoku puzzles’ hardness by mapping them onto dynamical systems. David Eppstein comments; he’s previously given this question some thought.

Jeremy Kun has an excellent blog entitled Math ∩ Programming.

Rubik’s Cube Twists Back Into Limelight (and the Times is on it!)

Nate Silver runs down a list of other presidential forecasting models.

Olympics: medals per capita, alternative medal table.

The little book of R for time series

Stanislas Dehaene and Steven Strogatz, How Math Comes to Mind: Intuition, Visualization, and Teaching, 79 minute public lecture given at Princeton in 2011. The story of how Strogatz almost got weeded out of math starts at 29:10. (Audio-only track is also available, and it should hold up that way; it’s just people talking.)

Square root laws for basketball.

I’m looking for a job, in the SF Bay Area. See my linkedin profile.

One thought on “Weekly links for August 12

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