Weekly links for August 26

Einstein, The cause of the formation of meanders in the coursers of rivers and of the so-called Baer’s law. via metafilter

The BBC looks at mathematical knitting.

Is the hot hand real?

James Tanton has a sequence of videos on things counted by Fibonacci numbers: part one, two, three. (This is a bit old – April 2012 – but I’m going through a backlog of links.)

Peter Norvig of Google speaks about mathematical models for language, at the Museum of Mathematics.

MIT’s 2011 Simons Lectures by Steven Strogatz: Coupled oscillators that synchronize themselves, Social networks that balance themselves, Blogging about math for the New York Times.

An interview with Grigori Perelman (and a description of the stakeout that led to it).

I found this somewhat by accident, while looking for something else: Andrew Ranicki’s page of topological baked goods (and some other novelties).

Jesus was a descendant of David, says the Bible, but so was everyone else alive at that time.

From Grantland, some new-school NFL statistics.

Norm Matloff has written a textbook, freely available online, From Algorithms to Z-Scores: Probabilistic and Statistical Modeling in Computer Science.

From Steven Strogatz on twitter, a couple links to good chaos resources: Michael Cross’s Caltech lecture notes and Chaos: Classical and Quantum by P. Cvitanovic, R. Artuso, R. Mainieri, G. Tanner and G. Vattay.

I’m looking for a job, in the SF Bay Area. See my linkedin profile.

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