Weekly links for November 5

A Boston Globe article on the ABC conjecture.

512 paths to the White House. (The New York Times acknowledges nine swing states.) Meanwhile, a few miles downtown1 at the Wall Street Journal, Carl Bialik writes about how the election will be called. For the record, I’m not touching the “averaging polls is a silly thing to do and therefore Nate Silver is an idiot” controversy. But if you want to watch Nate Silver on CBS Sunday Morning, you can! (I actually caught this this morning. At six AM. I blame daylight savings time.) Laura McLay writes on moving from polls to forecasts.

An animation of prime factorization.

Sam Shah asked a biology question that is actually a probability question.

1. The Wall Street Journal is actually headquarted at 1211 Sixth Avenue, near 47th Street. This is actually further uptown than the New York Times.

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