Weekly links for December 30

What does randomness look like?, from Empirical Zeal.

Why you should hire an astronomer – much of this applies to other sciences as well.

Joshua Ganz on an application of game theory to parenting (of multiple children).

A re-analysis of Monopoly from Possibly Wrong.

Carl Bialik asks (passed on by Andrew Gelman at his blog) what do journalists do wrong in reporting studies? Gelman can’t think of an answer but commenters can.

Terry Tao wrote an introduction to special relativity for a high school math circle.

George Hart has a video on slicing the .

Maths is all around you, according to this not-actually-vintage episode of Look Around You. (Via Dan Meyer, @ddmeyer on twitter).

Ramanujan: Letters from an Indian Clerk, a documentary about Ramanujan.

Gregory Buck, The wondrous mathematics of winter.

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