(Bi-)weekly links for February 18

Larry Wasserman: statistics declares war on machine learning.

Natalie Wolchover at Wired: In Mysterious Pattern, Math and Nature Converge, on random matrix theory.

A draft book by John Hopcroft and Ravi Kannan, CS theory for the information age (large PDF). Used in this CMU course by Venkatesan Guruswami and Ravi Kannan on modern mathematics for computer science, emphasizing high-dimensional geometry, probability, and other non-discrete mathematics.

257885161-1 is prime, says GIMPS. Liz Landau blogged about it and people at Metafilter talked about it.

Daniel Navarro of the University of Adelaide has a free e-book Learning statistics with R:
A tutorial for psychology students and other beginners

sarah-marie belcastro writes Adventures in Mathematical Knitting for American Scientist.

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