Weekly links for February 25

Matthew Barsalou does a Bayesian analysis of the deaths of redshirts in Star Trek.

Charles Radin asks why can you stand on ice but not on water? in the Notices of the AMS.

Igor Pak has a blog; his most recent post is on the history of Catalan numbers.

Brian MacDonald has a paper on realignment in the four major sports leagues, with a view towards minimizing the total amount of travel required for teams. At Hockey Prospectus he’s written a three-part series on this paper (emphasizing hockey, of course): part one, part two, part three.

George Hart explains how he makes paper models of his sculptures.

From It’s Okay to be Smart, Drake’s equation applied to finding love.

Rick Durrett writes Cancer modeling: a personal perspective for the Notices of the AMS.

Disease spreads like ripples on a pond, but only if you have the right metric.

John Tukey on semigraphical displays.

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