Weekly links for March 11

Brian Hayes on the baby Gauss story.

Deep Impact: Unintended Consequences of Journal Rank, by Bjorn Brembs and Marcus Munafo. h/t Jordan Ellenberg; Cathy O’Neil’s comments.

Frank Farris on forbidden symmetries in the Notices of the AMS. via Scientific American.

Natalie Wolchover profiles Doron Zeilberger, evangelist of mathematics using computers.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, On Being Round.

Phase Plots of Complex Functions:
A Journey in Illustration
by Elias Wegert and Gunter Semmler.

Evelyn Lamb has two posts on the four-color theorem: one, two.

An interview with Tim Harford (Financial Times’ “Undercover Economist”, More or Less presenter).

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