Weekly links for May 13

Premise is mapping the produce manifold.

Airbnb is figuring out where you want to go in places you’ve never been.

Diffuse Prior figured out when The Simpsons jumped the shark.

Jim Holt reviewed Mandelbrot’s memoir for the New York Review of Books.

From Smithsonian magazine, Life in the city is essentially one giant math problem.

Visualizations of planar choreographies (Certain symmetric solutions to the n-body problem.) Via hacker news; here’s the paper by James Montaldi and Katrina Steckles.

From Laura McLay (Punk Rock OR), Braess’ paradox in physical systems and in basketball.

Sally Thomason on ultraconserved words at Language Log.

a MathOverflow list of modern mathematical achievements accessible to undergraduates.

Are hot hands in sports real after all?

How often does it happen that theoldest person alive dies?, from math.SE via Hacker News

The paradox of the proof, on Mochizuki’s proof of the ABC conjecture.

Sean Gourley (of quid) on data scientists as the new cartographers.

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