Half a month’s rain

I’m in London, where according to the Guardian we’re supposed to get half a month’s rain today.

Sounds scary, doesn’t it?  That makes it sound like it’s going to rain fifteen times what it does on a typical rainy day; of course it means that we’re supposed to get fifteen times what London gets on a typical day, including the days when it doesn’t rain.

And in fact the forecast calls for only an inch. (Is that a lot for a single event here? I don’t know – my usual sources for weather data are US-centric.)   Certainly a lot, but not apocalyptic.

And since rain usually comes in storms, it stands to reason that the single biggest rain event in any given month would be a large portion of the rain for the whole month. I’d wager that in a typical month, the biggest rain event is at least a quarter of the total rain for the month.

(Incidentally, there are bookmakers everywhere here. Can I actually bet on the weather?)

3 thoughts on “Half a month’s rain

  1. Yes, I’m pretty sure UK bookies do offer weather-related bets.

    Regarding the number of them, some of the regulations governing bookmakers’ shops changed a few years ago. There are certain types of slot machine which they are now allowed to have, but in limited numbers — 2 per premises, I think.

    Presumably the limit is intended to control how many of these machines people have ready access to.

    But of course it actually provides an incentive for a bookmaker who wishes to inflict large numbers of these machines on the public to open several small premises near each other, rather than have one larger one.

    (I have no evidence that this actually _is_ the cause of there being so many bookies in England; I’m merely noting it’s an incentive.)

  2. Yes in UK you can bet on the following for weather events: artic ice; white Christmas; global temperatures; solar flares; wettest year; hottest year etc. 4 FOBT machines per shop is the law and you can push £1500 an hour into them – 50%+ of profits – the crack cocaine of gambling

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