Bad royal baby math

Here’s some bad math: The Marketing Robot says that it’s the US that’s most excited about the royal baby, because we used the #RoyalBaby hashtag the most.

But the US (997,077 tweets) only beats the UK (344,806) by a ratio of 3 to 1… and we have five times as many people as the UK.  So per capita, the UK posted more, as befits the fact that this is a UK story.

Also, France has 320,021 tweets to the UK’s 344,806, and 65 million people to the UK’s 63 million. So France has nearly the same number of #RoyalBaby tweets per capita as the UK. But Frenchmen are like mathematicians, in that they don’t speak English. Perhaps French people care more about the royal baby than British people?

And Canada only had 37,272 tweets – 1/27 of the US total, despite having 1/10 the population. The British monarch is the head of state of Canada. And as you might remember, the US fought a war over that issue. Does Canada care less about its future head of state than the US?

2 thoughts on “Bad royal baby math

  1. I recently read a very detailed report on twitter stats, broken down by country and language. The French tweet significantly more and have more active accounts per capita than their British counterparts. I think that might partially answer your question raised above.

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