Weekly links for August 5

Roberto Tamassia at Brown is the editor of the Handbook of Graph Drawing and Visualization, which you can read online.

David Eppstein on how to play Planarity.

Edmund Harriss wrote a blog post on “Form Follows Functions”, a teaser for these notes of the same name graphically exploring how changes in functional forms translate into changes in the corresponding graphs.

Chris Stucchio on Mechanical Turk and error correcting codes.

Insight Data Science on the transition from PhD to data scientist (via Hacker News).

Miguel Rios at the official twitter blog on visualizing volume data from twitter; the corresponding paper is Miguel Rios and Jimmy Lin, “Visualizing the ‘Pulse’ of World Cities on Twitter. Of particular interest is Twitter data from Riyadh, where prayer times and Ramadan are immediately observable.

Steve Staude at Fangraphs did a two-part analysis of forecasting strikeout rates in batter-pitcher matchups from the averages for the batter and the pitcher: part one, part two. It’s a hell of a lot better than using data on the individual matchup between batter X and pitcher Y, which is plagued with notoriously small sample sizes.

From Cathy O’Neil: The Stacks Project gets ever awesomer with new viz
Analyzing the complexity of the Stacks Project graphs; from Jordan Ellenberg, How much is the Stacks Project graph like a random graph? (The Stacks project is an online textbook of algebraic geometry, but these posts are not about algebraic geometry.)

Timo Bingmann has constructed some visualizations/audibilizations of sorting; Brady Haran has similar video in his Computerphile channel.

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