Weekly links for August 12

Cathy O’Neil asks if lawmakers should use algorithms.

Daina Taimina gave a talk at TEDxRiga, Crocheting adventures in hyperbolic planes.

Corey Chivers gave a talk on competitive data science (Kaggle) using R and Python.

Colm Mulcahy has another nice mathematical card trick.

Mark Pearson on average distances to airports.

Jennifer Ouellette on the mathematics of learning language.

Geoffrey de Smet on false assumptions for vehicle routing.

From embed.ly, visualizing reddit discussions.

What’s the theoretical limit for the rate of success of predicting wins and losses in NHL games?

Some statistics from Tim Day’s experience solving Project Euler problems.

Alexander Klotz examines the gravity tunnel in a non-uniform Earth.

Carl Rasmussen and Christopher Williams’ book Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning is available free online.

Joseph Rickert summarizes Nate Silver’s appearance at this year’s Joint Statistical Meetings.

From Wired a couple years back, Jason Fagone, Teen Mathletes Do Battle at Algorithm Olympics (i. e. the IOI).

David Bau’s conformal map viewer.

Predicting the NFL using Twitter, by Shiladitya Sinha, Chris Dyer, Kevin Gimpel, and Noah A. Smith.

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