Weekly links for August 19

From Deathsplanation, How tall is an alpaca? (and how long did people live in the past?)

From the Aperiodical, how to win at (the UK game show) Pointless.

Igor Pak has a collection of attempts to define combinatorics and a blog post on the subject.

From the MAA, some beautiful drawings of Platonic solids from the 16th-century printmaker Wenzel Jamnitzer.

From the Telegraph, Quants: the maths geniuses running Wall Street.

George Hart on making music with Mobius strips (following Dmitri Tymoczko).

Andrew Gelman and Kevin O’Rourke ask how statisticians pick their methods.

Carlos Futuri’s cartographical map projections.

OpenSignal on how phone batteries measure the weather (via Hacker News)

Hanging Hyena on unbeatable words in Hanging with Friends.

Emily Singer for Quanta magazine: In Natural Networks, Strength in Loops.

Hannah Fry on why everyone is more popular than you.

Jiri Matousek has a collection of Thirty-three miniatures: Mathematical and algorithmic applications of linear algebra

A Quora question, What kind of math do you use in your work?

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