Links for October 12

An exact fishy test, a Shiny app by Macartan Humphreys, via Andrew Gelman.

Beautiful Chemistry is a project from Tsinghua University Press and China’s University of Science and Technology, with beautiful close-up footage of chemical reactions.

Laura McLay in defense of model complexity, a counterpoint to her post in defense of model simplicity.

Pledge something to Relatively Prime: Series 2, Samuel Hansen’s newest series of podcasts. (You listened to Series 1, right?)

Michael Spivak has lecture notes on Elementary mechanics from a mathematician’s viewpoint (via metafilter)

Randomness: The ghost in the machine from Yohan J. John at 3 Quarks Daily.

Telegraph Research has done a quantitative analysis of pooled ridesharing.

DataGenetics on optimizing rope swings for distance traveled.

From Alex’s Adventures in Numberland, The man who loved only integer sequences. (Is this title a callout to the Erdos biography The man who loved only numbers?)

The UK has a National Numeracy charity. Among other things, they would like to shame celebrities who “boast of being no good at maths”.

Can Apple predict how long a file transfer takes?, from Rhett Allain at Wired, via Hacker News.

From colah, Visualizing MNIST: An exploration of dimensionality reduction. (That’s the MNIST database of handwritten digits.)

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