Links for November 16

When you are listening to corn pop, are you listening to the Central Limit Theorem?

12 Scientific Sculptures: Intangible Data in Physical Form

Kokichi Sugihara uses computation to make three-dimensional illusion

Markov Chains vs Simulation: Flipping a Million Little Coins.

Brian Hayes on lopsided precinct-by-precinct voting results.

Simon Singh on Homer’s Last Theorem. I’m currently enjoying his book The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets.
how the Google priority inbox works

Terry Tao announces his winter analytic prime number theory course, the announcement doubling as an introduction to why one might be interested in such a subject and the techniques used in it.

Spliddit is a new website by Ariel Procaccia and Joanthan Goldman which implements algorithms for splitting rent, dividing goods, and sharing credit. They claim a twofold mission: “To provide easy access to carefully designed fair division methods, thereby making the world a bit fairer. To communicate to the public the beauty and value of theoretical research in computer science, mathematics, and economics, from an unusual perspective.”

From Numberphile, how math goes into making Pixar’s movies.

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