Let’s make laysplain happen

Piper Harron wrote a thesis: “The Equidistribution of Lattice Shapes of Rings of Integers of Cubic, Quartic, and Quintic Number Fields: an Artist’s Rendering” which, in addition to proving an interesting result “laysplains” it along the way.

Sadly, “laysplain” doesn’t seem to be a word yet. Google it and you just find potato chips.

(via metafilter)

3 thoughts on “Let’s make laysplain happen

  1. Unfortunately, the meaning that immediately leaps to my mind — in analogy with other “X-splain” terms — is the untrained commenter with a hazy understanding of a popular physics text trying to tell a physics professor what string theory really means.

    Which is not to take away from Harron’s excellent work, nor the effort to make this sort of public accessibility a wider goal.

  2. “Simple english” is often used as a phrase to denote easy reading for the average individual, in the thesis he uses the term “Layspeak”. This is a bit more clear that laysplaining, which sounds like the layperson is attempting to explain something they don’t understand (See Mansplaining). Something more in line with modern vernacular would be “Translated to layspeak”.

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