Links for January 4

Evelyn Lamb on Shinichi Mochizuki’s proof of abc and Piper Harron’s thesis, and how they exemplify opposite ends of a continuum.

Alycia Zimmerman on teaching mathematics to schoolchildren with LEGO.

Andrew McKenzie lists nine paradoxes with a statistical theme.

The best charts of the year from FiveThirtyEight.

For the knitters out there, you can buy patterns to make mathematical objects from Woolly Thoughts.  (I’m a bit sad I can’t buy the actual objects.)

Network visualizations of Shakespearean tragedies by Martin Grandjean.

The math-class paradox by Jo Boaler at the Atlantic.

Buy a 3-D printed digital sundial or hear how it works.

In blog posts that I don’t have to write becasue someone else did, Michael Quinn, Philip Keller, and Tyler Barron have all written solutions to FiveThirtyEight’s Riddler #2 (the one about geysers). The “official” solution by Brian Galebach (who proposed the problem) was published along with the next puzzle.

David R. Hagen figures out why the 11th in the month is mentioned less frequently than other days, answering a question from xkcd.

Alex Albright on the demographics of PhD students in the sciences.

One thought on “Links for January 4

  1. You#r39;&e looking lovely, as always. The Charlie locket filled me with nostalgia, it was the perfume of my youth but my mum would never get me the pendant, deeming it too expensive, although I did get the perfume (bottled) from a kindly auntie! Have a date with a jumble sale tomorrow, a rare event these days it seems, hope I do as well as you!Love Curtise x

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