Links for January 18

Siobhan Roberts interviews John Conway: Genius Behind the Numbers

Aaron Fisher, G. Brooke Anderson, Roger Peng, Jeff Leek​
on applying randomized trials to figure out if students in MOOCs can learn what statistical significance looks like.

How FiveThirtyEight is forecasting presidential primaries.

Secrets of the MIT Poker Course by Nick Greene; the course referred to is at MIT OpenCourseWare.

Richard V. Reeves and Nathan Joo on How much social mobility do people really want? – it turns out that they want upward mobility without the corresponding amount of downward mobility that it implies.

Ana Swanson at the Washington Post’s Wonkblog on the mistake you’re making with your Fitbit. (The mistake, it turns out, is not wearing it – but there’s some interesting work on sampling to determine how accurate the Fitbit and other wearables are.)

Jordan Eilenberg was messing around with word2vec and found some interesting things.

One thought on “Links for January 18

  1. I’ve been really enjoying these link roundups lately—thanks for posting them! Right now, though, most of these have an extra ” at the end of the url, and don’t link properly.

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