Use R, vote D?

David Robinson, data scientist at StackOverflow, tweeted:

Of course this is because of a confounder.  Namely, R comes out of the statistics community, which is concentrated in places with universities, which also tend to be pro-Democratic in the current political environment.   Python, he finds, is also anti-correlated with Trump voting; C# and PHP are correlated with Trump voting, he finds:

Interpret this as you will.  (Seriously, I don’t know enough about who uses C# and PHP to comment anywhere near intelligently.)

The data on language usage by county is not public, but the data on voting is, David Taylor has assembled vote counts by county, and David Robinson has some code for manipulating them and making some plots. Fun fact: the county(-equivalent) with the lowest percentage of Trump voters is the one Trump doesn’t want to move to.

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