Weekly links for March 25

You can buy anacrylic Frabjous kit or get your very own cardboard Frabjous.

Online matchmaking is not so great, because it leads you to focus on things that are easily measured.

The hard way to solve the 8809=6 puzzle (with regression!); I solved it here. (I actually thought about using regression. But I did not.)

Statistics project ideas for students.

Cheating on homework in a graduate course is staggeringly dumb. This post and its comments are not, and attempt to answer the question: what’s the point of homework in math classes? (If I were a better blogger, or if I were not seeing an amazing lady like one of the commenters was, I’d have an answer of my own.)

The anachronism machine: the language of Downtown Abbey. (The typo is deliberate; I don’t watch the show.)

You can look at brains and see math anxiety.

A working scientific calculator, built in Minecraft. (via metafilter)

David Spiegelhalter on What does a 13% increased risk of death mean??

Cultural ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny

The MIT course 6.042: Mathematics for Computer Science has a textbook in progress by Eric Lehman (Google), F. Thomson Leighton (MIT math/CS, Akamai), Albert Meyer (MIT EECS, MIT CSAIL); various versions of it in various stages of completion are available from their course web page. (via Hacker News.)

Jordan Ellenberg at Slate: Six Degrees of Innovation: What Broadway musicals tell us about creativity.

From stackoverflow, How do I find Waldo with Mathematica?

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