Pink is a real color

They did it to Pluto, but not to pink! Please not pink!

Robert Krulwich points out that there is no pink in the rainbow, linking to a youtube video:

Saying that pink isn’t a color is a little silly, though. The space of colors that humans perceive is three-dimensional. Start with an actual light source, which has a continuous spectrum; human vision roughly projects from the space of possible spectra to a three-dimensional space, each dimension corresponding to one of the three types of cones. The “pure” colors (single wavelengths) correspond to a two-dimensional manifold in that space — one dimension for hue, one for brightness. Just because you wouldn’t call anything in that two-dimensional space “pink”, that means pink isn’t a real color?

There must be some aliens, somewhere out there in space, that have yellow-sensitive cones as well and are offended that we don’t think yeen and grellow are real colors.

(hat tip: LA)

2 thoughts on “Pink is a real color

  1. Im not sure what this &q;ytuPeabodo" thing is, but they should have recognized you a long time ago as "outstanding achievements in electronic media, including radio, television and cable".Only explanation i can find is that they just decided to take a jump to the internet. That must be it (:

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