Weekly links for April 15

Andrew Gelman asks: do statisticians practice what we preach in teaching? (His conclusion: no.)

Samuel Arbesman, Probability and game theory in The Hunger Games and Brett Keller, Hunger Games survival analysis. Andrew Gelman writes: “I think it’s always good to get practice. Analyzing a book/movie is like doing sports statistics; it can keep you in shape.”

Here’s that annual list of the year’s best jobs. Mathematician is #10.

MagicTile: Geometrical and topological analogues of Rubik’s Cube.

Luis Apiolaza has some ideas about what an introductory book on Bayesian statistics should be like; commenters there have listed some of their favorite such books. He also has a post on first impressions of Kruschke’s book “Doing Bayesian Data Analysis” (which has puppies on the cover!) and a link to a free-for-noncommercial-purposes PDF version of Joseph Kadane’s Principles of Uncertainty.

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