Weekly links for May 6

Catherine Ulitsky’s paintings, including some like this one that are basically Delaunay triangulations of the positions of birds in a flock. (via Radiolab)

John Cook on Traveling Salesman art, based on a traveling salesman app, which is a companion to Bill Cook’s book In Pursuit of the Traveling Salesman. (I haven’t read it. I also don’t know if the two Cooks are related.)

Kevin Carey argues that everyone should learn statistics because everyone has to serve on juries.

Julian Champkin writes for Significance Magazine about the data journalism handbook

John Allen Paulos on screening the screening tests.

Brian Hayes: Statistical mechanics of magnet balls.

Shankar Vedantam, NPR: Most of us aren’t average – the usual about how many things follow power laws. (From the title I was hoping this would be “most of us are not average at everything“.)

Pete Casazza, A mathematician’s survival guide. (via the AMS grad student blog.)

What’s a number, by Tom Christiansen. (via John Cook)

John Kerl’s Tips for mathematical handwriting.

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