Turing centenary coverage by the BBC

Tomorrow is the centenary of Alan Turing’s birth. His biographer Andrew Hodges, author of Alan Turing: The Enigma (just out in a new Centenary Edition), has written a brief piece for the BBC, accompanied by a video of talking heads this centenary conference. This is part of a larger section of essays about Turing the BBC have been running this week, also accompanied by short videos. These are:

Monday: Vint Cerf, why the tech world’s hero should be a household name
Tuesday: Jack Copeland, The codebreaker who saved ‘millions of lives’
Wednesday: Simon Lavington, is he really the father of computing?
Thursday: Noel Sharkey, the experiment that shaped artificial intelligence
Friday: Andrew Hodges, Gay codebreaker’s defiance keeps memory alive

Tomorrow is also the first day of SF pride, which strikes me as the sort of event that Turing would not have been particularly interested in.

Edited to add, 1:22 pm: San Francisco startup Prior Knowledge made a birthday cake for Turing, which happens to have the colors of the rainbow on it. Their founder, Eric Jonas, says that his “long term goal is to use the Reverend Thomas Bayes to defeat the Reverend Thomas Malthus”, which sounds pretty awesome.

I’m looking for a job, in the SF Bay Area. See my linkedin profile.

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