Weekly links for June 24

Sir Timothy Gowers.

Black bears have some numerical ability.

From Josh Laurito, How similar are European languages to each other? Unfortunately does not include the language(s) that I’ve heard referred to as “BCS” or, somewhat more crudely, “Bosnifuckit”. That’s “Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian”, which are three very similar languages or three dialects of the same language depending on who you ask.

Ownership and control at Square, at Rotary Gallop via Hacker News. Rotary Gallop is applying something like the Banzhaf power index to corporate ownership structures.

DarwinTunes, in which pieces of music make baby music.

Lexicon Valley on stylometry.

William Wu‘s gallery of fractals, mostly by Paul DeCelle, and Wu’s introductory comments on fractals and brief explanations of the Mandelbrot set and Sierpinski triangle.

Davantage de régularité dans les naissances ?

Mike Bostock has a series of posts on visualization methods: fisheye distortion and other ways to distort plots so that when you drag the cursor over them the part near the cursor is magnified, the Les Misérables adjacency matrix, hive plots for dependency graphs, chord diagrams for Uber car service data.

Nate Silver on Calculating “House Effects” of Polling Firms.

Mark Dominus explains linear regression in a math.stackexchange answer.

A crowdsourced survey of adjuncts reports that adjuncts don’t make much money. I’m disinclined to trust the exact numbers, but the more general results are sobering.

A product rule for triangular numbers. It turns out that triangular numbers satisfy the rule T(mn) = T(m) T(n) + T(m-1) T(n-1) (and there’s a nice pictorial proof of this); are they the only such sequence?

I’m looking for a job, in the SF Bay Area. See my linkedin profile.

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